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I was responsible for the Gartner brand guidelines for interactive experiences. It expands on the general brand guildelines in that it details how Gartner insight is treated on the Web and other interactive/media environments (i.e. applications, kiosk, video) in very specific ways.

To proliferate these principals, I led the creation of an interactive style guide in the form of a “Wiki” (like Wikipedia) that can be shared with and contributed to by those involved in expressing the Gartner brand. The purpose of the guide is to establish a cohesive visual system and architecture across all interactive media so that a client’s experience is consistent, memorable and thoroughly indispensable.

Style Guide as an interactive, collaborative Wiki
The style guide is organized into specific areas for fast and easy reference. These are some sample PDF guides that are downloadable from the wiki.

Style Guides:
Classic Headers
Product Headers
Analyst Photos
Future State

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