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This short commercial promotes Gartner Symposium ITExpo. The video incorporates brand elements of the Symposium logo progress bar with faces and themes of the event. The result sends and energetic yet sophisticated message. video thumbnails

This interactive demo, strategically positioned at Gartner events promotes Gartner web products. demo

Desktop Widget
Gartner Assistant enables time-pressed IT executives to access information right from their desktop. widget

Universal Icons
Library of icons established a visual short hand for document types and common behaviors. icons

Banner entices attendees at Gartner Symposium ITExpo, the most well-attended technology event of the year. poster

promotional give-away to entice event attendees to use Gartner blogs. T-shirt

Newsletter Templates
A range of pre-created templates with specific emotional qualities like “human” and “progressive” streamline prodcution of custom newsletters for Gartner clients. newsletters

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