My Students’ Artwork

Collaborative Mural

pipeTeddy Bear Watercolors

pipeStill Life in Marker


In a small group I taught kids ages 4+ to draw from life. In this drawing exercise each child selected a real teddy bear to draw and made up an imaginary background. I also taught the kids basic watercolor technique where we drew a light underdrawing on watercolor paper and then painted washes and areas of fill to get broad areas of color. This was a thorough exercise in drawing from life, using imagination, creating a composition and implementing painting techniques. I was startled by how much the kids understood what I was teaching and how apt and original their paintings turned out. This exercise showed how skill can broaden one's expressive abilities, not hinder it.

Joy, 9 years old

Cathy, 8 years old

Jennifer, 6 years old
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