My Students’ Artwork

Collaborative Mural

pipeTeddy Bear Watercolors

pipeStill Life in Marker


This mural was created by the kids at a Saturday Chinese School for a Chinese New Year celebration. Collaborating with the kids ages 5+ and another teacher we created an imaginary school as a treehouse with lots of fun things to do and see.

Full Mural. Imagery reflects the quintessential LA landscape of palm trees, mountains and beach. treehouse
Close up shows students learning the Chinese phonetic alphabet taught in Taiwan and American Chinese schools. On the right a singer entertains students on a grand stage. sun
An essay is combined with illustration to show literacy developed at the school while also creating visual texture and variety. Notice a fire being extinguished by a fireman while birds fly overhead with the space shuttle beyond them. A lot happens in a day at Chinese School! ocean I find it fitting that beach and ocean life is part of the ideal school experience in sunny Southern California.
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